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1Q. Is the Poker Striker Odds Calculator easy to use?
Ans: Yes. It is easy to use. Please go to the USER GUIDE to know functionality of the each feature before using it.

2Q. How can I see the winner map on poker striker application?
Ans: You will see the button 'Show WinMap' once the river is drawn. By clicking on 'Show WinMap' you can switch from “CARD MAP” to “WINNER HAND MAP” and vice versa. To know more about CARD MAP, WINNER HAND MAP, please read questions 3 and 4.

3Q. What is CARD MAP?
Ans: ‘CARD MAP’ shows the tabular form of all the cards. After FLOP is drawn, each card in the ‘CARD MAP’ shows the winning percentage if that card is drawn next. This is a very useful feature to know the winning percentages at every step. Please go to USER GUIDE to know more about CARD MAP.

Ans: Once RIVER is drawn, you will see the 'Show WinMap' button. When you click on this button, “CARD MAP” replaces with “WINNER HAND MAP”. WINNER HAND MAP shows complete list of better hands that can beat you (without missing a single hand that can beat you). If the WINNER HAND MAP is blank, you have 100% winning chances and no other player hand can beat you. This is a very useful feature to know all the possible better hands that opponents can have which can make you lose. For example, if you are playing with 4 players and any one of the player gets one of the hands that is listed on WINNER HAND MAP, you lose the game. Another example, you are playing with few players and you may think that you have better hand and only one hand can beat you. But there could be many other hands which can beat you. Using this tool you will know all the hands that can beat you which you might not think of.

5Q. How the probabilities are calculated?
Ans: Poker striker uses the complex mathematical algorithms to calculate all possible number of hands against your hand to calculate winning chances. See the math section for more details.

6Q. I could not see tie breaks where those hands are considered.
Ans: Actually poker striker considered all the tie hands as winning hands. since when tie happens, you will get portion of the pot and it is not definitely loosing so it considered as a winning hand to avoid the confusion.

7Q. Is it supports Omaha poker?
Ans: No. currently poker striker supports only Texas HoldEm poker on Windows. More versions will be available in the near future.