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The Poker Striker is great Poker Odds Calculator software, which was designed and developed with passion to make you to act the best way so that you can make more winnings. The development team spent every minute trying to make you an expert like a poker shark. The team spent a lot of efforts by considering ALL possibilities in writing perfect and efficient mathematical algorithms, considering how to make this tool very useful to Poker Players. Introduced many DISTINCT features which shows what is going on now, what is going to happen at the next card, showing how your opponent is going to surprise you and even you can save and review your previous hands and games for self-assessment purpose. Please download this software and try evaluation version and feel the difference.

Ability to see the Winning Chances:
Poker striker gives the winning chances analysis report based on the HAND, FLOP, TURN, and RIVER. You can adjust the number of opponents to see the exact winning chances for the current state. The maximum number of opponents can be 9.

Ability to Save:
Poker Striker has the ability to save the unlimited number of games that you played or followed. This feature helps to view the previous games to review, analyze to improve your performance. This is a very good feature to traverse through the history of the hands and games.

Card Map:
CARD MAP is a matrix of the cards in which each card shows the winning chances if that card is drawn next. The card map displays the winning chances after the FLOP cards are drawn. So you will know the winning percentages of your game in advance if a particular card is drawn next. Based on the percentages on the cards in the card map, you will know whether to continue to play or fold the hand. For example, if current winning chances are above 60% and you see that most of the cards on card map are showing less than 50% then you can decide that you may not get good cards next so you can fold your cards. In some cases you may think that you got good/weak cards, but by looking at the card map you may realize that your cards are weak/good or you may confirm that your cards are good/weak. This feature improves your estimates and helps you in making decisions after FLOP and TURN cards are drawn. Finally this is the ultimate DISTINCT feature in Poker Striker (you can’t find this feature in other poker odds calculators) which tells you what could happen at next card.

Winner Map:
After the river card is drawn, you can find the button “Show WinMap”, by clicking this button you can switch to winner hand map view on the right. This grid view tells you the complete list of dominated hands against your hand. For example once river is drawn you don’t know how many ways you may win or lose. You may know few dominated hands and few weak hands. But this view gives complete list of dominated hands. This is very useful to avoid seeing surprised hands at the end. You will have a complete list of dominated hands.

Chip Track:
Poker Striker can keep track of the changes in chips value for each hand. This helps you when you review and reanalyzes the previous games. You can easily understand where exactly you won/lose big amounts.

Perfect Mathematics:
The numbers and percentages of winning chances that Poker Striker shows are not from random number of sample hands (NOT from Mont Clara algorithm). It is completely from mathematical algorithms. You can see the math section which explains how effectively Poker Striker calculates percentages of winning by considering all the possible hands. For the same card combinations, it shows the same percentages every time.

This application is only for TEXAS HOLDEM poker on windows. More games on different platforms are coming soon.

Free Trial:
You can download poker striker for free for your evaluation. The trial version runs for up to 100 hands or 30 saved games.